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Anti-routine escape game

Private Astoria
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Fortunately, when the NPC sister wanted to use chopsticks, the dishes on the table suddenly changed. From ordinary home-cooked dishes to excellent home-cooked dishes, it seems that a chef has made another dish according to Qi Yan's dishes. Not only that, even Qi Yan empty down the position, have refreshed a woman with a gentle smile. She is no different from Qi Yan, but judging from her expression, she is definitely not Qi Yan. This is an NPC, which is used to supplement Qi Yan's scenes. The three players on the scene looked at each other, and their faces looked even worse. One NPC is hard enough to deal with, and the second one, can it be good?! If this checkpoint is really sick, it is obvious that the more difficult it is, the higher the difficulty is. Dealing with an NPC is still simple, two, three, four come up together, who can stand it. And what is more troublesome is that this time more NPC is the role of the mother, and the mother is a housewife. Although the mother of this family is also a lady, she obviously prefers to do housework at home,endless swimming pool, and does not particularly like to go shopping and play cards with the ladies. This means that she will often be at home, so it will be very inconvenient for people to rummage for things. But there is no way, Qi Yan will be exposed sooner or later, can hold up to now is good. Ye Xu crustily skin of head just said again, and then see NPC mother took the initiative to stand up and take the crisper, help ye Xu packed some of her daughter's favorite dishes, let her hurry up to accompany Ji Chu Chu. Ye Xu successfully escaped from the dangerous place,Whirlpool bathtub, leaving behind two poor male players without any loyalty. Chu Jifeng also received a system prompt, saying that one was eliminated. She has no feeling, calm with Ye Xu after dinner, suddenly said a ferocious words: "The other two also early gg, so we can let go of the hands and feet to work." Players who are eliminated will enter the dark room for ten minutes, regardless of whether they are the first or the last to be eliminated. Ten minutes later, when they come out, it's time for the team to pass or be wiped out. After all, the time flow of this game has always been a mystery. Therefore, there is no need to worry about seeing their ferocious clearance process after their teammates are killed. Comparatively speaking, it is true that after all the teammates are killed, their maneuverability will be greatly increased. You can't go out, can you? Ye Xu asked. Who said that? Chu Jifeng hooked her lips, "just make up and you can go out. As long as the NPC doesn't see my makeup, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,best whirlpool tub, it won't go wrong, right?" Until half past nine, only Li Zhan and Ye Xu came down to eat, and Ye Xu's heart sank slowly. After he watched the NPC little sister leave,whirlpool bathtub, he took some food upstairs and motioned to Li Zhan with his eyes. Li Zhan also realized that something was wrong. He asked his NPC mother with a smile: "Mom, where is my dad?"? Why did you get up so late today? The NPC lifted the broken hair in his ear to the back and said with a smile, "Your father went out early in the morning. He said the weather was good recently and he made an appointment with his friends to go to the farmhouse for a few days.". He also said that he would catch a few more fish to show us how good he is. 。

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