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 Han Shan, the suzerain of the Zhenhua Sect, who was sitting nearby watching the ceremony, said with a smile, "Is this the genius of your nine-grade qualification?"? As soon as I saw it today, it was really extraordinary. Yu Wenqing was proud in his heart and said modestly, "It's just the period of refining Qi. He still has a long way to go." The future development of several major clans mainly depends on the outstanding younger generation. As long as they can build a foundation and form elixirs, the younger generation can become the future dependence of the clan. Since Yu Wenqing received Yun Zhao as an apprentice,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, he has planned to train Yun Zhao with all his strength. Needless to say, even Yun Zhao's disposition makes him like him very much. Han Shan, the suzerain of Zhenhua Sect, smiled again and looked at Yunzhao with interest. He said, "Yuwen, today is the day of your precious disciple's ceremony. I heard that your Taiyi Sect has an unwritten rule that you can be challenged three times at the ceremony.". I also brought a disciple here. Why don't you let them have a competition and show what they have learned? It can not only add to the fun, but also increase each other's knowledge. What do you think? As soon as Yu Wenqing heard this, the smile on his face faded. Tai Yi Zong does have this kind of rule that true disciples accept challenges, but generally no one will rush to do this kind of thing on that day. After all, this true disciple is personally elected by the leaders of the hall and the peak. Han Shan said, pushing out a teenager behind him, "This is my bad disciple Han Rui, but just now the eight-layer cultivation of Qi refining period, brother Yuwen, let their children play." The people around were shocked, ten years old, eight layers of Qi refining period! If these people have been talking about Yunzhao's genius since the True Biography Ceremony, they are really shocked now. Han Shan secretly satisfied, ceramic welding tape ,Ceramic Bobbin, this is exactly the effect he wants. No matter what the child's aptitude is, at this age, with this kind of cultivation, he can be called a genius in any case. Han Rui, dressed in red and holding a long knife in his hand, said to Yunzhao beside Yu Wenqing in a clear voice, "Brother Yun, Han Rui is polite. Please give him a lot of advice. The speed was so fast that it increased a few points more than a dozen days ago when he fired his sword at Gu Yu. However, the cloud Zhao whip did not take out, only raised his hand, first to his side a move. The sword, with a faster speed, rubbed Yunzhao's body and cut it directly to the competition platform, and even rushed over with Qin Lou. In the eyes of outsiders, it was Qin Lou's sword that directly cut off. Qin Lou's face is extremely ugly, of course, he will not make such a low-level mistake, in the past when he cut,Ceramic Band Heater, that moment, a strange pull, forced him to change direction.

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