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Can I have a magnetic resonance examination if I have a titanium clip in my body?

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Original title: Can I have a magnetic resonance examination with a titanium clip in my body? The titanium clip is mainly composed of a clip made of titanium alloy and a tail part of the titanium clip, and the two parts play a main role in the titanium clip. Because its metal part is made of titanium alloy, it is called "titanium clip". Titanium clips can be divided into two types: one is metal titanium clips and the other is absorbable polymer clips (surgical hemostatic clips). These clips will remain in the body after surgery! The main application of titanium clip is titanium alloy, which is widely used in various fields because of its high strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance! With the popularity of magnetic resonance, more and more patients need magnetic resonance examination! Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is widely used in clinical medicine and medical research due to its advantages of non-radiation and high resolution. Magnetic resonance examination has the advantages of high resolution, uniform magnetic field,3d titanium wire, fast scanning speed, relatively low noise and multi-directional imaging. At the same time more sensitive to metal, because of the high magnetic field, metal and magnetic resonance is an absolute taboo! Metal is attracted by a strong magnetic field and moves,Titanium 6Al4V wire, which may have serious consequences and even endanger life. Expand the full text Because the metal titanium clip is a non-ferromagnetic metal, and the non-ferromagnetic material does not move or only moves slightly in the magnetic field, it does not pose a threat to the examiner. So there are titanium clips in the body to do magnetic resonance imaging! However, the density of pure titanium is relatively high, which will produce less artifacts in magnetic resonance imaging! The smaller artifacts produced will not affect the diagnosis! According to Faraday's theorem, titanium plate gr7 ,titanium exhaust tubing, a changing magnetic field causes a current to flow in a conductor closed within the magnetic field. Therefore, gradient magnetic field and radio frequency pulse can induce metal materials to produce current, and then heat, so that the local temperature rises! Studies have shown that in routine MR examination, the effect of eddy current heat generation of metal materials is negligible (generally below 0.15 ° C) and will not cause harm to human body! However, some experimental studies have shown that the artifacts of titanium alloy implants on 3. 0 T MRI images are significantly greater than those on 1. 5 T MRI images. This is due to the fact that after the metal object enters the main magnetic field of the MRI system, the magnetic lines of force are highly concentrated on the object, producing an additional strong magnetic field around the object! Therefore, when patients have titanium clips in the body, try to choose 1.5T magnetic field for nuclear magnetic resonance examination without affecting the diagnostic results! Avoid interference from artifacts! References: [1] Liu Guangshun, Ren Qingyun, Meng Lingqiang, Lei Licun, Wang Yao. Influence of Dental Metallic Materials on Magnetic Resonance Imaging [J]. West China Journal of Stomatology . 2010 (05) [2] [Group. Research Progress and Application Status of Titanium Alloy [J]. Progress in titanium industry . 2008 (02) [3] Li Hekun, Zhong Fuguang, Yang Sujin, Wu Xinxiang, Sun Xiaoping, Li Guizhong, Deng Wei. Comparison of the effects of titanium clips and absorbable clips after laparoscopic cholecystectomy [J]. Chinese Journal of General Surgery . 2000 (09) [4] He Li,Titanium welding pipe, Yu Shenping, Meng Fei, Influence of metal on magnetic resonance examination and related research progress [J]. International Journal of Medical Radiology .2006 Articles you may be interested in after reading this article: Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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