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Datang Yipin

Private Asheville
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"Follow the king of Yue, in fact, is not you, General Wang Shichong?"? She's a whore and she wants to set up a memorial archway. Does General Wang blush? Lu Zhaoci burst out laughing and said, "I didn't know your 100,000 troops had traveled a long way to occupy Tongguan. But I'm sorry. Now Tongguan is at the foot of Ben Jiang. What can you do for me?"? Knowledgeable point, give the general obediently give me roll back to Luoyang, wash the neck, waiting for the general to take. Lu Zhaoci's voice was so loud that it spread all over the army in an instant. There was a shout from the wall, but Wang Shichong was so angry that his face turned red, his lips trembled, and he could not speak. Lu Zhaoci, you wait with the young master, and I will take your life. Wang Xuanying was ashamed and angry, but more jealous. That Wang Xuanying is also an outstanding person, but in front of Lu Zhaoci, but far less than, let him how not depressed. Withdraw troops. Wang Shichong glanced coldly at the two men on the wall, as if to imprint them into his mind. He knew that the invasion of Tongguan plan has been destroyed, but if let him withdraw troops back to Luoyang, the heart is a pity. Not only did he not shoot an arrow, a work not built, so dejected back to Luoyang,indoor endless pool, I'm afraid the people in the city of Luoyang to laugh to death. What is more important is the geographical location of Tongguan. It choked the passage between the two capitals, and after Tongguan, Dongdu had no favorable defensive terrain and could fight all the way to the gates of Luoyang. At this time, let him not regret, when he returned to Luoyang, the first step should be to master the eight passes of Luoyang, and then fight for power and profit in the court, this is good,whirlpool hot tub, a good opportunity to ruin, when the reaction came, it was too late. Wang Shichong finally withdrew his troops. At this time Fang Xuanling also led the army into Tongguan, just saw Tongguan retreat, immediately breathed a sigh of relief, to Qu Tu Tong worship: "Fang Xuanling pay a visit to the old general." "Li Zhiyun paid a visit to the old general." Li Zhiyun also handed his hand to one side. I dare not be the gift of the Duke of Chu. As soon as Qu Tutong's face changed, he returned a salute to Li Zhiyun. He is a surrender, can rely on the old in front of Fang Xuanling, but not in front of Li Zhiyun, after Li yuan ascended the throne, this can rely on military merit, although the crown prince position and he has no chance, but a prince position is very possible. Qu Tu-tong can't be a gift to him. I've seen Alang! In the crowd, Lu Qing's thin figure suddenly appeared. What are you doing here? Lu Zhaoci moved in his heart and asked in surprise. Lu Qingyun father and son for the Golden Eagle Hall Guanzhong Road, responsible for the intelligence of Guanzhong, now Lu Qingyun did the director of Linfen County, whirlpool hot tub ,jacuzzi suppliers, the Golden Eagle Hall is mostly responsible for Lu Qing, I didn't expect Lu Qing to come in person at the moment, obviously there is important intelligence to report.  When Fang Xuanling heard this,jacuzzi bath spa, he immediately knew that Lu Zhaoci was ready to resist the decree, and immediately handed his hand to Lu Zhaoci. In the face of temptation, they can calm down and not be lured by short-term benefits. This kind of person is a person who does great things.

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