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Dragon-playing _ Pai Pai Novels

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 "We.." Although Huang Chengan did not know what Su Xiaoman was thinking at the moment, he saw the little stars jumping in her eyes, all of which declared her good mood. When you get there, you'll understand. Compared with Su Xiaoman's joy, Huang Chengan's face looked a little heavy. Su Xiaoman winked at the thoughtful Huang Chengan and thought, "I didn't expect this guy who usually talks like honey to begin to pretend to be deep now.". Is this the legendary marriage phobia?! Su Xiaoman earnestly put Huang Chengan from left to right, from top to bottom,Whirlpool bathtub, from outside to. Cough, from the outside to the heart, carefully looked again. It seems that there is still a certain gap between Huang Chengan and her imagination. Speaking of. She went down the mountain last time in order to escape marriage, but the root cause of her escape marriage was not because she hated Qin Pingzhen, she just couldn't accept the fact that she was raised as a child bride. And. She is only sixteen, and she has never been in Jianghu. Mountains and rivers have never been seen, and even familiar men are limited to the brothers in the school. If she really marries and becomes a wife,Chinese spa manufacturer, and lives a calm life with her husband and children from now on, it is estimated that she will soon go to the King of Hell to report that Meng Po is bored to death! Besides. After going down the mountain, she wanted to meet a young swordsman in Wulin. They were like-minded and traveled in Jianghu with their swords. Or meet a young talent, reciting poems, playing the piano and the moon. But she met Huang Chengan, his most powerful kungfu is probably Qinggong, where is what Wulin Xia Shao. Moreover, I have never heard Huang Chengan compose a poem or play the lute, but he looks gentle and elegant. I just don't know if it's the last sentence. For Huang Chengan, Su Xiaoman is extremely dissatisfied with one point. At the beginning, she wanted to find a young chivalrous man, but she didn't want to find such a good-looking man! Growing up like Huang Chengan is really. It's not safe! Although he has been hiding his identity. But she inquired and guessed, and also knew that his family had some relationship with the official family. If one day he is taken in by a princess. Then she has to be the second Liu Yuehong?! You.. Are you really not married yet? Su Xiaoman asked tentatively. Uh Huang Chengan is uneasy at the moment, the news hidden in his heart is not to say. Do not say is not, endless swimming pool ,whirlpool hot tub, embarrassed mood stirred his thoughts to fly to several mountains and rivers outside, where to hear Su Xiaoman that flower intestines wandering in the question. Su Xiaoman stretched out his hands to pull his face, gazed at him, nodded his head and said, "You, just, just, think, what, what? Huang Chengan smiled at Su Xiaoman, pulled her to his side and hugged her tightly, as if he was afraid that the person in his arms would disappear if he relaxed for a moment. Su Xiaoman also noticed that Huang Chengan was strange, and was about to ask him what he had not told her, or whether he was not feeling well. At this moment, the voice of the deep magnetic substance outside the car came in: "Master, it's getting dark,jacuzzi swim spa, for the sake of safety.". Shall we rest overnight and go up the mountain tomorrow? Huang Chengan looked up from Su Xiaoman's neck and answered, "Well, you can find an inn." Not a moment. The three of them walked travel-stained into a Xiyuelou.

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