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Evil Woman Raises Steamed Bun [Jin Tui]

Professional San Diego
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But this pair of true love couples, in the eyes of Begonia is actually slag, what humiliation is a bastard. The most miserable is the mother of the Rong family and the boat, which became a stepping stone for the couple of true love, and by the way, pushed the Shangguan family to a higher level. If I were Xiaozhou's mother, I would die in my grave. Originally a little worried about Begonia, so Begonia on his body to pay more attention to a few minutes, did not expect that night he was carrying a bundle to go. In the silent night, Begonia grabbed his bundle. "Where do you want to go?" Apart from the capital Rong Shi, where else can he go? But is it possible for him to return to Rong Shi? "Madame is very kind to me, and I don't want to hurt everyone." The boat thought a lot, he can't be so selfish, everyone is so good to him, there is no reason to let everyone be buried with him. Are you willing to accept the Shangguan family? Xiaozhou is clever, and Begonia asks directly. The boat clenched his fists and did not hide his hatred for them. "I am not reconciled." But what can I do? "Since you are not reconciled, don't go, think about Rong Shi, think about what you have suffered, you can even eat human flesh at the beginning, is not because the heart is unwilling, want to survive, want revenge?" In fact,coltan ore processing, she does not advocate revenge, but sometimes revenge is actually a kind of motivation. Begonia already has a rough prototype in her heart, she wants to be able to stand firm without relying on Lu Yan, but the world is not friendly to women, there are few reliable men around her, it is better to start from the doll. It happened that Xiaozhou was born in the family of imperial merchants, and he had the talent to do business. So we have to keep him, make money,small gold wash plant, make a lot of money. Xiaozhou hung his head and did not know what he was thinking. Begonia continued to draw a big cake for him. "You stay here. Let's earn money together and become the richest man in the world. We will earn all the money from Shangguan's family. What can we do to consolidate power and position without money?" The last sentence really said to the boat's heart, Shangguan family is most concerned about money, generations of business, to his father's generation, only by marrying Rong's daughter to become an imperial merchant. And what the Shangguan family cares about most is silver, so you can imagine that if one day you really earn all the silver from the Shangguan family, it must be worse than killing them. The most important thing is, madam is right, power is to use silver to consolidate. That mother and son can get the recognition of Shangguan parents, is not because she has a favorite concubine sister in the palace? But if you don't have a lot of silver to send in, how long can that favor last? You know the rules in the palace. Even a small palace man in front of the emperor can trip you up. Sometimes the success is also them, the failure is also them. So the boat is a little moved at the moment. Begonia see his conation, a little excited, do not forget to self-promotion wave, "you think, I have not opened this wine for a long time, tin beneficiation plant ,gold heap leaching, but now have earned a lot of money, you know?"? In addition to relying on Lord Fu, we also need to make good connections, even if we don't know many dignitaries, but the most in the world is not the dignitaries, but the common people. As the saying goes, water can carry a boat, but it can also capsize a boat. So when she went back to her room and saw her two daughters standing barefoot on the blanket, Begonia was surprised, "How did you get up?" "Are we going to call Brother Zhou Little Uncle in the future?" Lu Yan Yan opened her eyes wide and asked seriously. There is no difference between uncle and brother for them. Begonia couldn't help patting her forehead. She must have moved too much just now and woke them up. Yes, you will have an uncle in the future. He will love you and protect you with his mother and father,portable gold wash plant, OK? "Good." The two sisters nodded, and sure enough, they didn't have much of an opinion.

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