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Immortal inverse

Private Astoria
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This kind of pain, Shuidaozi has been suffering for ten years! "Little bastard, the pain I have suffered, sooner or later, will make you repay thousands of times!"! And the master, even if he is not dead, he must be extremely weak, otherwise, ten years ago I could not escape! Shuidaozi suddenly opened his eyes with a ferocious look, but soon he screamed again. His eyes have no pupils, completely replaced by the colorful awn! Not to mention Shuidaozi here, after Wang Lin stepped into the ninth order star field, the old woman in white immediately pointed the way, and the two of them roared all the way, breaking through the fog and heading straight for the demon clan! In the fog of the ninth order star field, there were fierce beasts of the twelfth order, but now Wang Lin had no time to slay these fierce beasts, and did not want to be blocked by the fierce beasts to delay time, so as soon as he stepped into the fog, his whole body burst out, and a monstrous evil spirit filled the air, which alarmed the fierce beasts that turned into fog in the star fog, but when he saw the fog rolling back, the hidden fierce beasts avoided one after another! "Shenzong, Shuidaozi, I will kill you in this life!" In this nine-order star field, Wang Lin looked gloomy, and the spirit of Xiao Sha was even stronger. All the way Wang Lin's speed, in the rumbling noise, broke all the fog ahead, according to the old woman in white, straight to the crack of the demon battlefield gallop! The Demon Sect is the most mysterious sect in the ninth order of the Cloud Sea Star Domain. It is said that there are not many disciples of the Demon Sect,hot tub spa manufacturers, but any one of them is amazing! Long stationed in the crack battlefield for tens of thousands of years, resisting the invasion of ferocious beasts again and again, making the people of the Demon Sect, killing extremely heavy, in addition, almost never leave the Demon Sect, so that the Demon Zong in the eyes of Yunhai Friar, even faintly can fight against Shenzong! Especially in the rumor, the demon was originally separated from Shenzong, but did not listen to the order of Shenzong, this matter is strange,massage bathtub manufacturers, whether true or false, is enough to show the power of the demon! Stationed in the battlefield for countless years, to keep the sea of clouds safe, but also let the demon unconsciously, by the sea of clouds monks in awe, respect is its virtue, fear is its secret! In Yunhai Friar's view, the people of the Demon Sect can no longer be described as monks, they are more like the army, such as the soldiers of the mortal Dynasty! They are iron-blooded, they are ruthless, but what they do is to guard the whole sea of clouds! It is precisely because of the existence of the Demon Sect that for tens of thousands of years, the monks of the Sea of Clouds can be peaceful, can fight among themselves, and can obtain resources! If one day, the demon is not there, the fierce beast rushed out of the crack battlefield without the first protection, will bring unimaginable collapse to the sea of clouds! It is precisely because of the iron blood and ruthlessness of the people of the Demon Sect, because of their special mission, so the monks of the Sea of Clouds are extremely respectful to the Demon Sect whenever they come to this battlefield, and they must obey orders! If anyone disobeys the order, the Demon Sect will kill him immediately! Unless some extremely peerless people, outdoor whirlpool tub ,hot tub wholesale, after being recognized by the demon sect, have the opportunity to become a disciple of the demon sect, they will be valued by the demon sect and cherish their talents.  Under the endless killing and rumbling noise, the fierce beasts in the crack suddenly shrank back, roaring and roaring, and at the same time,whirlpool hot tub spa, a strong breath burst out from the crack, making the fierce beasts around them spread out. Today, the number of fierce beasts is more than ever before. I'm just wondering. It turns out that there is a king beast! 。

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