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Mi Xian Lu

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This stone city is mainly used to defend against the armored corpses of the Ten Thousand Corpses Gate and the wild beasts of the Demon Gate Demon Sect. Therefore, it does not need to be too high. It is enough for a hundred feet, but its thickness and firmness can be improved as much as possible. "Ling Daoyou, please order the rest of the factions to send all the monks selected for the Qi refining period and the foundation building period to this place. In addition,Pallet rack upright, several of them can send several intelligent confidants as the commanders of these low-level monks.". A month's time is enough to train these low-level disciples, who are usually scattered in a group, into a strong combat formation. These plans, Zhao in a few years ago has been thought thoroughly, now in speaking out, naturally very skilled. Why, Zhao Daoyou's five thousand medium-grade spiritual tools and blazing bows have all been refined? Hearing Zhao's well-thought-out arrangement, Ling Mufeng asked happily. Yes,Industrial pallet rack, in fact, the refining was completed three years ago, and the quantity was slightly higher than expected. However, for the sake of secrecy, I have kept the disciples of the Seven Schools under house arrest until the beginning of the war, when these disciples who have made great contributions can leave freely. Zhao Di smiled with a slight apology. In extraordinary times, Younger Martial Brother Zhao is very wise to do so! Nongyu Fairy smiled and was very supportive of Zhao's practice. Great! With thousands of blazing bows in hand, I, a disciple of the Seven Schools, can't fight against evil ways! Ling Mufeng, an old man, suddenly stood up, and his words were full of heroism. Volume 4 The War of Good and Evil Chapter 312 The War of Good and Evil (18) The Great War is Coming Zhao took out five storage bracelets and stroked one of them gently. With a flash of white clouds and a piece of red light, nearly a hundred almost identical blazing bows appeared in front of the three men. This is the relatively low cost of refining, large-scale refining out of the blazing bow? Old Ling gently grabbed the void, took a blazing bow into his hand, pipe cantilever rack ,Pallet rack supplier, and looked at it carefully. Sure enough, it's much rougher than Zhao Daoyou's, but the spirit tool has always been known for its high refining cost.  Counting up, each blazing bow has seven or eight middle-rank fire spirit stones in reserve. And the full force of this blazing bow consumes one fifth of the spiritual power of the middle level spirit stone, that is to say, after about forty attacks, these blazing bows become waste. Said here, three people look is a sink, forty attacks, whether to defuse the attack of the evil monks, is not sure. There are still a few months to go, has come to this step, how can we fall short of success, I wait for a little more effort, as long as blocked the evil monks this wave of offensive, these losses, not in a few years can make up for all of my yuan Ying monks,Warehouse storage racks, how can the vision be so narrow! The jade fairy frowned slightly and said decisively. At the same time, she took out seven or eight kinds of treasures, including good refining materials and two high-level spirit stones.

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