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Oriental jade whirlwind flower

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Enmity, perhaps Tianyun brother and he have a quarrel, also unknown, if this'unjust person 'four words added to the head of Tianyun brother. That would be ridiculous. "It's outrageous!" Huo Tianzhu asked angrily, "Elder brother, how many days have you received this note?" "It's exactly three days today," said Li Tianyun. "What are you going to do?" Asked Xie Dongshan. Still smiling, Li Tianyun said, "Brother Yu didn't intend to disturb Brother Qingfeng and the two good brothers. It's good that he has a grudge against me." I am an unjust person. If you want to take my life, you have to meet me face to face. I just want to ask him why Li Mou and he have a grudge against each other? He always has to Give me justice? Then there is Guo Dongsheng elder brother, and we have known each other for decades, died for no reason, he should also have a Confessed.. "But he.." said Xie Dongshan. According to the legend in Jianghu, he wants to take people's lives. It's just a whirlwind, a purple rose. Flowers, no one has seen him. "Ha ha!" Li Tianyun laughed and said, "Does Xie Xiandi also believe the rumors in Jianghu?" Xie Dongshan's face was hot and he said, "But that's what everyone in Jianghu says.." Li Tianyun said, "Maybe the person who saw him is already dead. This is called death without proof. No matter how high a person's martial arts are, he can fly." Picking flowers and leaves can hurt people. The leaves he picks and the flowers he flies will not exceed a hundred paces at most. How can whirlwind flowers come out of thin air? Yes? This is because we did not see others, just say more and more mysterious, foolish brother does not believe this whirlwind flower, will be like the ancient legend. Like a flying sword, it is so magical that it can take a person's head a hundred miles away. Wan Qingfeng nodded his head and said,gold CIP machine, "Brother Tianyun is absolutely right. My brother feels the same way." His eyes flickered and he said with a smile, "Now we There are four of us here. It's not a brother's boast. Even if he has three heads and six arms, he may not succeed. This is also true, the four of them not only have a pure martial arts, and each of them can almost represent one. A school. Wan Qingfeng was born in a Huangshan family. He had been the leader of the Wulin Alliance for three generations, including his grandfather and father. A set of "Huangshan Swordsmanship" is a collection of various families Long, "Chuanyun Finger" is a must in Wulin. Li Tianyun is a famous resident of Xingyi School. He is famous for his "Xingyi Palm and Sword" in Wulin, and has won the title of Qingtianshou. Huo Tianzhu is a master of the Eight Diagrams, a set of "Eight Diagrams Tour Body Palm",Carbon in Pulp, no one can approach his body. Xie Dongshan is a master of martial arts and is good at "Hundred Steps Magic Fist". With the martial arts of these four men, if they join hands to fight against the enemy, no one can be their opponent. Huo Tianzhu said, "If this man really dares to come, just take him down and uncover the mystery of the whirlwind flower that has been rumored for three months." "" Just then, a maid in Tsing Yi came in. She bowed and said, "Villa Leader, the banquet has been set up. It's ready for everyone." Li Tianyun nodded, stood up and said, "Brother Qingfeng, you two good brothers have come a long way. You must be hungry. Let's go." Let's talk while eating! The banquet was placed in a room outside the study, and after the four of them were seated, what they talked about was, of course, the whirlwind flower, and there was no need to list it in detail. After dinner, four people still go back to the study to sit down, gold shaking table ,manganese beneficiation plant,  Still Wan Qingfeng persuades again and again: Since the other side regards you as the target, we might as well play the trick and regard you as the bait. If you put the bait in the head, he will take the risk to go deep, and everyone can intercept him. We are all our own people. Who else doesn't know that your martial arts are not inferior to the three of us? According to legend, the other side It's too mysterious, so we can only outsmart it. Only in this way can Li Tianyun agree. Now that the whirlwind flower has announced that tonight is the third day, he will certainly come,gold cil machine, things will start at any time, everyone. They are also alert and ready to make a move at any time. Of course, the atmosphere is tense.

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