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Rich Second Generation Xiuxian Daily

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 "If you don't want it, forget it." "Think about it," the two fox demons happily stuffed the books in their hands into the body space and looked at Yi Han and Lin Qingwan with shining eyes. Two people can not help laughing, "then let's go, first go to the supermarket to buy something,aluminum tile edge trim, and then buy some gifts for Xiaoyu, two Taoist friends may not see Xiaoyu for a long time?" Hu's mother couldn't help wiping her tears. "I haven't seen her for twenty days. I don't know if she's worked hard. She's talented. Don't be lazy. In the end, like us, she can't even pass the exam." Hu's father nodded repeatedly and couldn't help asking Lin Qingwan, "Lin Daoyou, I think you have a good relationship with Qiu Daochang. Can you intercede for us?" Lin Qingwan smiled,stainless steel tile edge trim, "You are smart enough to learn to go through the back door, but you really can't. I've already mentioned it to him. But Qiu Daochang said that it's a big deal for a monk to enter the mortal world. If a monk can't correctly look at the relationship between the two realms and control his own behavior, it's only harmful but not beneficial to rush into the mortal world. So don't say me, even if our minister comes, it's useless." Chapter 357 visiting relatives (middle). The two foxes were disappointed. But I also told Qiu Daochang to let him give you a home leave every week, although only one day, but also to reunite with Xiaoyu. The eyes of the two fox demons were bright. "Sure enough?" Doesn't that mean that even if they take exams, they can go to play in the world one day a week? Lin Ching-wan nodded and said, "It's just that you have to be responsible for the travel expenses and the expenses outside." The ascetics who come out of the mountain are free to study in the association of practitioners, and the association also provides three simple meals. It's just that no one will stay inside for such a mouthful of food. Generally, those who go down the mountain to experience are Taoist friends who seek opportunities. Who will waste time here? Only two fox demons had to stay because they couldn't pass the exam. But the fox demon. There is no money, at least no RMB. Xiaoyu is still eating Hu Xiaohong and Lin Su, china tile trim ,aluminium edge trim, occasionally Lin Su and Lin Qingwan will give her a little pocket money, let her buy her favorite things, but at present belongs to her own money, not a penny. Hu's father and mother can't even get out of the door of the realist association, let alone make money. So standing in the supermarket, both of them are at a loss. They often see the supermarket on TV and know that it is a place to buy things, but the key is that they have no money. The two foxes looked at the full shopping cart and felt a little embarrassed. A smile flashed through Lin Qingwan's eyes. She stepped aside slightly and said, "Let's go and line up to check out." Three big cars of things, Yi Han asked for four super-large plastic bags to fit, the people around them looked at them several times, the cashier also laughed and asked, "Your company is going on an outing?" All I bought was food and drink. Yi Han smiled at her,stainless steel tile edging, took the plastic bag, handed the heaviest two to Hu's father and mother, and carried two by himself.

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Listed On: 24 Aug 2022

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