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Starting from a piece of underwear, how "NEIWAI Inside and Outside" moves towards a lifestyle brand | Multidimensional Link _ Liu Xiaolu

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 whether it is big or small, thin or plump, it belongs to the uniqueness of women's figure. Through this brand planning, we want to encourage women to face up to their bodies and not have body anxiety, which has also aroused extensive discussion and resonance among women. Liu Xiaolu believes that the reason why the concept of "NO BODY IS NOBODY" "can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people is that on the one hand, the team can sensitively capture the psychological needs of modern women. On the other hand, she also stressed that this is something the team believes in. "We think you should be free and not be troubled by body anxiety." The importance of "no doubt" is that "today's users are very discerning and can see whether the brand really believes in the values it conveys, or whether it is just a gimmick for marketing." Every time we do brand marketing, we will invest a lot of time and energy inside and outside. In this brand planning, the team inside and outside conducted in-depth interviews with every woman who participated in the shooting, digging deeply into the stories of these women, and condensed the interview manuscripts of 120000 words into a slogan, such as "I didn't lose myself after becoming a mother" from a Japanese mother, and "I'm 58 years old" from a 58-year-old Ma Jie. I still love my body and so on. These slogans are not a slogan, but a true expression of their hearts, and because of this, it is enough to move people. Liu Xiaolu told New Business Intelligence NBT, "NO BODY IS NOBODY" will become the core of the brand in the new stage, and will change with the growth of users every year. ". This year, we upgraded the connotation of "NO BODY IS NOBODY" "inside and outside, proposed the concept of" unique body, small and sufficient; women's strength, no distinction between you and me ", and invited eight vegetarian women of different stature, skin color, age and region to participate in the shooting. Natural freckles and skin color, tall and straight breasts and buttocks, buzz cut and short hair, gender-neutral love.. They are all unique And have the same female identity. From the discussion of women's body anxiety to the diversification of women's body, it calls on women to identify themselves, encourage each other, and jointly transmit strength in the female collective. In line with the diversified value expression of women's body and beliefs, not only through a series of in-depth documentaries, but also through the first entry into the field of podcasting, in the form of joint production, three professional women in different fields, such as Zhan Qingyun, were invited to tell their body stories and life experiences, and to share modern women's thoughts on the workplace, family, friendship and self-growth. From a longer-term perspective of clothing history, Liu Xiaolu hopes to become a classic female brand like CHANEL in the future, and CHANEL will become a generation of classics by liberating women's concept of dressing themselves. In addition to changing the way women dress, CHANEL has also created an all-encompassing world, involving all aspects of women's lives and meeting women's needs from the inside out. Liu Xiaolu believes that this is an internal and external vision. I hope that we can go in this direction in the future. I hope that many years later, people will feel that both inside and outside have promoted the transformation of the underwear industry. Duowei Haituo Boutique investment banks focusing on global emerging industries Read the original article and start the global high-quality search engine with one click. Return to Sohu to see more. Responsible Editor:.

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