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The Complete Works of the February River Emperor Series

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He threw back his braid and said with a smile, "This is really a great pleasure!"! This plaster is really unbearable on the body! As one spoke, Lan Cao'er had already poured a glass of wine for him. Wu Si said,radio shuttle racking, "I drank it all in one gulp." He took a long breath, looked around at Feng Gu and Lan Cao'er, and said, "I've been interested in returning to my homeland with you for a long time. I'll eat and roam with you, and accompany you with plum blossoms for a long time. This time maybe I can understand it." Feng Gu and Lan Cao'er couldn't help looking at each other, and they were secretly surprised. Of his two wives, Jinfenggu is his cousin, and that's all right,Steel racking system, but Lancaoer is his "aunt", which seems to be incestuous. At that time, after Wu Sidao made trouble in Gongyuan, he became an important criminal arrested by the imperial court and fled outside. In the 46th year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi, Wu Sidao was pardoned and went to the capital, only to learn that Jin Fenggu, who had been betrothed to him, had been married by his uncle Jin Yuze. On a thunderstorm night, the son-in-law of the Jin Party plotted to kill Wu Sidao, and was discovered by Lan Cao'er, who had always loved Wu Sidao, and secretly released Wu Sidao to go to Prince Yong at that time. When Yongzheng seized the throne, the imperial court all knew that Prince Yi Yunxiang had made the first contribution. In fact, Wu Sidao was the real behind-the-scenes person who was in the middle of strategizing and competing for Yongzheng's decision-making! On the night when Yongzheng ascended the throne, he raided the Jin Mansion, warehouse rack manufacturer ,Pallet rack beams, and the "mother and daughter" took Jinfenggu's son to Wu Sidao for help. As far as Wu Sidao was concerned, one was a lover and the other was a benefactor, so he simply took them in together and became his wife regardless of his wife.Following the system of the Ming Dynasty, Yingtian Prefecture was also set up here, so that the examinees from Fujian and Zhejiang could take the exam nearby. Wu Sidao took Feng Gu Lan Cao'er back to the old place and spent a day walking around Huju Pass, Stone City, Old City God Temple, Mochou Lake, and other places. The couple laughed when they talked about the time they met Feng Gu at Taoyedu that year and were slapped in the face by Feng Gu for no reason. The two women wanted to go to Gongyuan to have a look, but Wu Sidao insisted on refusing. Looking at the scene in the street, his face became more and more gloomy. Feng Gu thought he was tired, so she said with a smile, "It's our fault. It makes you worry.". Since we are tired, let's go back and go around Jiming Temple and Xuanwu Lake tomorrow. Or shall we take you to Qinhuai? Don't worry, we won't turn over the vinegar jar! Wu Sidao looked wistfully at the rippling Mochou Lake and sat down on the stone steps of Shengqi Building. It seemed that his mind was getting heavier and heavier. It took him a long time to say, "We're not walking. If we move together,long span shelving, we'll light up the sedan chair. What am I tired of?" "Then why is it that after a good turn, you have a bad face!" Asked the orchid. Wu Sidao looked at the lake and said, "Look at that boat!" 。

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