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"The First Person of Industrial Hemp Biological Extraction" Admired by European and American Authoritative Experts

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Belonging to illegal drugs) Pan Zongbing, why do you want to conquer it? Because it is a technical problem. Pan Zongbing first heard the term CBD, in 2008, at a beauty equipment exhibition, Pan Zongbing, then a beauty equipment manufacturer, talked with his British guests about skin care products. British guests said that some companies in Europe and the United States had begun to use cannabidiol CBD,wiped film distillation, a non-addictive ingredient in cannabis, as raw material, and the skin care products produced were introduced by the instrument. All kinds of spots have excellent effect. This immediately aroused Pan Zongbing's interest, and without saying a word, he came to Yunnan, China, and began to investigate the hemp project. Pan Zongbing and his team began to study how to legally and industrially extract cannabidiol (CBD) without addictive ingredients from cannabis in 2010. At present, no country in the world can quantify the production of CBD, developed countries in Europe and the United States can only extract a small amount of CBD in the laboratory, the purity is very limited, and China is not as sensitive to cannabis as Europe and the United States, before he had no legal basis to support the extraction of CBD. These two problems are like two big mountains,thin film distillation, pressing on Pan Zongbing. In the three years from 2010 to 2013, Pan Zongbing invested more than 20 million yuan to try to extract high-purity CBD without hesitation, and accumulated a lot of data in the laboratory. However, like the relevant research progress in Europe and the United States in mass production, industrial biological extraction is still unable to achieve. These crystalline yellow CBD extracts are as precious as gold, and once they can be produced quantitatively, the impact can not be underestimated. It solves many medical problems in medicine and brings good news to many patients. In the field of skin care products, it is the only raw material that can solve the problem of regeneration of broken skin tissue, as well as the important ingredients added to various health care products. Once it can be successfully marketed, it is also an important channel to increase the income of farmers who grow industrial hemp. Expand the full text Thinking of this, Pan Zongbing couldn't sleep all night. In November 2013, Pan Zongbing handed over his job in the beauty equipment company. On November 11, Singles' Day, he faced the loess and turned his back to the sky, starting a new life alone in the wasteland of Yunnan. From scratch, the best waiting in life The state of everything returning to zero is very hard. The most feared thing in human nature may be the life from nothing to nothing, but the most satisfying and enjoyable thing is the process from nothing to something. Pan Zongbing reorganized the team, two people, three people, five people, we set up temporary shelter, solve the water, electricity and the most serious communication problems, hemp extraction centrifuge ,jacketed glass reactor, Pan Zongbing also began to learn the molecular formula, molecular weight, no longer rely on anyone, re-learning, trial and error. In Pan Zongbing, we can clearly see the remarkable characteristics of the post-70s generation, realistic and enterprising. We also hope that the relevant departments of the state can give us greater support, so that this project, which fills the gap in the world and has excellent market prospects, can develop more steadily and rapidly. The most important thing is to help more people! For me, I can overcome more technical problems,cbd crystallization equipment, and I'm looking forward to it. (I hereby declare that the report on the cooperative research of Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences is inconsistent with the facts due to the expression and communication problems in the previous communication with reporters. The CBD project has gone through three stages of laboratory research and development, pilot test and mass production, in which the laboratory extraction process was completed with the support and assistance of the hemp research team of the Economic Crops Research Institute of Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. I apologize for any missteps in previous reporting.) Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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