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Villain, he just doesn't divorce.

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 Of course, the first thing is to tell Chen Lei why their family was targeted during this period of time, but selfishly she still concealed that Jiang Xuan did it, and when the truth came out, she revealed it. My dad did something like this? Chen Lei's mouth was slightly open in shock, her hand holding the cup trembled slightly, and even the hot water could not warm her cold palm. I'm not sure if I was involved, but I'm sure I was informed. Yu Ruo said,warehousing storage solutions, "it seems that you don't know." "How could I know!" Chen Lei covered her eyes. "If I knew, every day would be hell." Xu Qingyan patted Chen Lei on the shoulder appeasingly, and Su Ruan looked at Yu Ruo and asked, "What plans do you have?" "My plan is simple." Yu Ruo leaned close to the three of them and whispered his plan. At the same time, he looked at Chen Lei and sighed, "When the time comes, we will be divided into three groups. I will be in a group. Chen Lei, you and the swallow will be together. You will be in a group." "Good." Chen Lei nodded and trembled angrily. "If my father had really done such a thing, it would be no wonder that he is like this now." Having made a plan, Yu Ruo finally leaned back in his chair and breathed a sigh of relief. The information that Chu-yu had investigated was actually very sufficient. As long as she seized the opportunity, she was very hopeful to solve this matter. Just thinking about her cell phone ringing suddenly, I saw a strange call. She thought it was an advertising call and picked it up. It's me A female voice came from the phone. "I have stopped putting pressure on the Chen family." Chu-yu looked at Jiang Xuan, who was handling the documents indifferently, and said anxiously, drive in racking system ,wire mesh decking, "You really want to give these things to your sister-in-law. What if Chen Zhi's old thing is not good for your sister-in-law?" "Not good for Ruo Ruo?" Jiang Xuan looked up at Chu-yu and pulled the corners of his mouth with a half-smile. Chu-yu was stunned and suddenly remembered Yu Ruo's force value. He gave a dry cough and stopped talking. Ruoruo said to give her two weeks. Jiang Xuan closed the computer and leaned back in his chair to look at the person in front of him. Boss, what if my sister-in-law can't handle it? Xu Zhiyuan held his glasses and said, "Forgive me for speaking frankly. My sister-in-law and Miss Chen have always had a good relationship.  For Chen's mother, Yu Ruo's deepest impression is that she gave Zhao Yunhao five million to leave, probably no different from the vicious mother of those rich families in the article. Mother Chen shook her head and continued, "Our Chen family has been targeted by someone. You don't have to get involved any more. Whether it's good or bad is our own family affair." That's true. That's true. Yu Ruo slightly sank his face and said, "but aunt,mobile racking systems, if the Chen family really can't do it, you want Chen Lei to marry, don't you?" 。

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Listed On: 24 Aug 2022

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