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What to do if you dress like a man who accepts the text -- Yuqin style

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As it happens, I'm also going to Fengyuan City, so let's go together. Tai Su did not feel embarrassed at all, and directly set his next trip. Fengyuan city is not close to where they are at this time, a full three hundred miles, plus is the forest path, and because of the weather, walking for nearly a month, they are also more than half the distance from Fengyuan city. Two people get along day and night, travel together,mineral flotation, plus occasionally sleeping in the open air, lonely men and widows, occasionally no room in the inn, in the same room, and Huai Su deliberately close to him, after a long time, Taisu, a Taoist priest who had just come down the mountain, became interested in Huai Su. Fortunately, Taisu's school did not care whether his disciples got married or not,coltan ore processing, so Taisu did not evade Huai Su, but let nature take its course and came together with her. On the way to Fengyuan City, Taisu and Huai Kui exchanged their feelings and expressed their love. After arriving at Fengyuan City, Huai Kui did not enter the city. Instead, he came to a wooden house in a forest full of cherry blossoms about a dozen miles to the east outside Fengyuan City. Huai said that this was her home, and she lived here all the year round. Taisu did not trust her to live alone in the wild as a woman. In addition, they got along with each other day and night, so it was hard to avoid overstepping their authority, and they fell in love with her. After thinking about it, Taisu stayed under the surprise of the locust tree. However, without knowing it, he wrote a letter and sent it back to his master, and then he began to prepare for the wedding. Because he was really in love with the pagoda tree, he had three matchmakers and six hires, none of which was missing. After all, if he was hired, he would be his wife, and if he ran, he would be his concubine. His parents and countrymen were all cheap. He sincerely liked her, Portable gold trommel ,Carbon in Pulp, and did not want her to be criticized later, saying that her name was not correct, so he wrote to the school, and wanted his master to write a marriage certificate.  God/Will of the World: I won't take the blame! Thank you She was diagnosed to be pregnant. At first, both Huai Su and Tai Su were happy and at a loss, but later Huai Su was always worried when he thought that he was a tree demon, and Tai Su was a human being, or a Taoist priest who practiced eliminating demons. Their own pregnancy will certainly decline, until the day of childbirth must be a great loss of vitality, and the child is not necessarily human, he is likely to be a half-demon, or even a demon, at that time, her identity can not be hidden, at that time, if Taisu can not accept how to do? Even if the locust tree is worried again, the pregnancy in October, once the delivery is inevitable for her. Seeing that the day of childbirth is just around the corner, Huai Su wants to get rid of Tai Su and give birth to a child by herself. As long as she is given time to rest for two days,tin beneficiation plant, she will be able to cover up the breath of her child and not let Tai Su find out. But his wife was about to give birth, and how could Taisu be willing to leave, leaving his beloved wife alone at home.

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