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Three days later, he came to the door of the house again with dog shit. He was surprised that the layer of oil sauce and pepper on the security door was still the same, especially on the door lock and lock handle, which had not been touched at all. Just as he was wondering, the neighbor next door poked his head out and told him that 303 people had moved away. The house is unoccupied for the time being. When Bian Mengfei heard this,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, he felt defeated and frustrated. He really wanted to paste all the shit in the bag on the door. He gnashed his teeth more at his father. Revenge fails, but the heart of revenge is retained. He saw that his father would never say hello to him, would not talk to him, and would give him a cold look. One day, when his father came home to get something and saw him doing his homework, he patted him on the head and asked him with a smile who he would like to be with if his parents divorced? He gave his father a white look and said with his mother! Father is not angry, still gently said: "With me,stainless steel welded pipe, the son should live with his father.". He glared at his father angrily and said "no" firmly! Father was still not angry, sighed, shook his head, and left helplessly. Bian Mengfei looked at his father's lost appearance, his heart was very happy, and he felt that this was a successful revenge. Then his mother came back, and he told her the story ingratiatingly. His mother showed a proud expression and praised him for his conscience. But quickly denied that her father wanted to divorce was a dream, she would not easily help her father and the bad woman! Bian Mengfei should say to his mother: "Yes, don't leave with him, see what he does!"! Later, Bian Mengfei discovered a strange phenomenon. Her mother sold the original two single beds in her and her father's house to the old furniture collector and replaced them with a brand-new double bed. Bian Mengfei felt strange that his mother and father were going to live together. He asked his mother, who smiled slyly and said that this was a necessary preparation for his father's divorce. Bian Mengfei naturally could not understand, and his mother would not explain to him. The room was locked up every day when her mother was not there, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, saying that she could not let her father see her change the bed. She also told Bian Mengfei not to reveal to her father that she had changed the bed. And if anyone asks, it's always a double bed. Bian Mengfei naturally turned to his mother and promised. Quan Chan did what she said. For two years, every time Bian Jinrong received a summons from the court, he left full of hope and returned disappointed. Quan Chan insisted that the marriage could not be divorced. She couldn't wait passively. She had to wipe away her self-esteem and take the initiative to fight for it. Quan Chan decided to express her thoughts to Bian Jinrong. Late one night, she invited Bian Jinrong home,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, and she wanted to have a long talk with him all night. She thought that late night was a time to calm people down, and that people were easily moved. And late at night, the children and the nanny are asleep.

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Bed Rooms


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Mobile Home

Ad ID: 123
Listed On: 24 Aug 2022

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Price: $211

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