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Zhuge Qingyun plays the sword in Jianghu

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 As soon as Sima Yan heard the name of "Fragrant Zen", he felt that it was not vulgar, so he wanted to take a closer look at what kind of peerless beauty the other party was? He has already entered the brothel, but he is still self-disciplined. His eyes are higher than the top, and he looks down on the prince and grandson of the general Zouma Zhangtai. Finally, he is destined to take the "Wan Miao Zu Yan Dan" and marry the "Wonderful Hand Lang Jun" You Tianle! In the heart is from the thought, the inner room fragrant breeze slightly blows, the bead curtain flutters,ceramic bobbin element, slowly walks out a bosom pipa, sweeps away the moth eyebrow, does not apply the makeup stunning white dress woman! The woman in white gazed slightly at Sima Yan. "My concubine Meng Xiangchan," she said with a smile, "pay your respects to Master Sima." Sima Yan saw that Meng Xiangchan not only had a beautiful appearance, but also had a graceful figure like a graceful lotus in the water, and had a kind of elegant charm of Tsinghua, absolutely without the slightest vulgarity! Then he nodded with a smile and stretched out his hand to sit down. He sighed to You Tianle, "Sima Yan has seen a lot of stunning Southern Dynasty gold powder and northern Rouge among the golden sandalwood boards,ceramic igniter electrodes, but most of them have vulgar bones. Where can they compare with the elegant charm of Tsinghua like Miss Meng?"? Brother You Sansheng Huiye has the same Dharma eyes. That'Wan Miao Zu Yan Dan 'can be regarded as the owner of the thing without any grievance! You Tianle was very happy when he heard this. He looked at Meng Xiangchan and laughed wildly and said, "Xiangchan, did you hear that? For the sake of Sima Gongzi's words, you should also use a pipa to report the good news to a bosom friend." When Sima Yan heard what You Tianle had said, he knew that Meng Xiangchan must have been very good at music. He said with a smile, "Miss Meng, don't be stingy with your fingering. Sima Yan listened respectfully to the elegant music." Meng Xiangchan smiled, then slowly twirled, and played a wonderful song of pipa! Sima Yan was originally a bosom friend of music, and he knew Meng Xiangchan's pipa fingering as soon as he heard it. His attainments were extremely high and extraordinary! But in the beautiful rhyme of her jade fingers, like popping out countless pearls and rolling down the jade plate, Sima Yan frowned slightly! Because in the spring flow warbler language, cover up the slow shaft below the string, as if hidden sorrow, Wu Sun immediately, Bai Fu Jiangtou, listen to their own hearts, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,alumina c799, unexpectedly will be slightly sad! Sima Yan was so surprised that he thought to himself that Meng Xiangchan had taken the holy medicine and married a suitable husband. How could he still feel sad? Could it be that the day is jealous of Hongpo, and this woman is unlucky? Thinking of this, I couldn't help looking up at Meng Xiangchan carefully, only to feel that this woman was dignified and elegant. Although her appearance was heavy, she was not unlucky. You Tianle laughed and said, "I'm going to punish you for singing a song. It's better to sing a song from yourself." Meng Xiangchan said with a low smile, "My self-criticism is so vulgar that I dare to insult Sima Gongzi."? "Let's sing the'order to drink fire 'that you filled in yesterday!" After the voice, he ordered the attendant to tune up the string and bamboo, pat the red teeth, and slowly knock on the lips of the sandalwood board to sing: "The willows are green and handsome, the peach blossoms are red, and I have no choice but to tune the zither by myself. I compose all the silk strings, and I always say goodbye!"! At the first sight of a suspicious dream,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, I shed tears when I moved. I threw myself into my bosom and called my name with tears. I love to be charming, I love to look proud, and I love to spit lightly. A smile is too silly! 。

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Listed On: 24 Aug 2022

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