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The Beauty of Crossing the World

Private Asheville
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On the second day of the attack, she woke up and looked at Wen Ke's haggard face. She stroked her with pity, "Wen Ke, who made you so sad?"? Tell me, I will not forgive him! Looking at the awakening of Yao, although the face is still pale, but the spirit is much better, Wen Ke's heart gradually put down. She is a woman who is as gentle as jade and as clear as a spring. Even if her tears dry up, I will not allow you to touch her. "Wen Ke is so fierce and weak." Is there such a woman that you are worried about? She was a little short of breath, and Wen Ke gave her some saliva. Yes, she is my kiss baby, hold in the hand afraid to drop, hold in the mouth afraid to melt! Puff! Both of them laughed out loud at the same time. This is the tacit understanding. In the past six years, under the influence of Wen Ke, almost all the disciples of Linghua Mountain could exaggerate and match with Wen Ke. They felt it was normal, but just a series of answers made Chi Pai, Wang Chen, Zi Yin and Xiang Xiang, who came to visit and stood at the door, look at each other. How on earth was this woman born? She was just with another woman?! Wang Chen inexplicably irritable up, one side of the incense a look of watching a good show, Yu Guang kept glancing at Ziyin. Chi Pai immediately resumed his lazy expression and looked at Wang Chen with a pair of eyes. Zi Yin seemed to be thinking about the conversation he had just had,tile trim manufacturers, and he was a little absent-minded. The teasing of Wen Ke and Yao seems to be shocking in this era, but it is normal in modern times. It is a way of showing closeness between women. Yao, who grew up with Wen Ke, naturally understands the meaning. Wen Ke was very happy to see Yao wake up and bicker with herself. Although she saw several people's strange expressions, she didn't think much about it. Miss Yun, are you better? Chi Pai led the way through the door. Well, Yao is much better. Thank the emissary for sending someone to protect Wen Ke. I, the disciples of Linghua Mountain,stainless steel edging strip, must keep it in mind. "I will be responsible for her safety, you do not have to worry about" Wang Chen coldly to such a sentence is to let Yao Leng for a moment, this man how so do not hide their emotions? Even if you are possessive, you don't have to be so obvious, do you? It's a pity that she didn't know that Wang Chen, who was so emotionally exposed, also surprised Chi Pai on one side. Chi Pai approached the bedside and said, "Miss Yun, Lord Ping will send some guards to stay until your injuries are better and then send you back to Linghua Villa. We will not stay here if we are in a hurry." "I'm really sorry for your delay. Please go as soon as possible." She said to Wen Ke, "Sister Ke, you go with Wang Ye. I will catch up with you when I recover from my injury." "I don't trust you alone!" Wen Ke hurriedly said. Yao motioned to Wen Ke to bow his head and whispered in her ear, "Sister Ke, this attack seems to be directed at you. It will be safer for you to follow Wang Ye. I can rest assured that you remember to be careful, do you know?" Wen Ke also faintly felt that the attack was somewhat strange, so he had to nod and agree. Out of Yao's room, stainless tile trim ,stainless steel tile edge trim, Wang Chen caught up with Wen Ke. "What did Miss Yun say to you just now?" Oh," Wen Ke immediately consciously turned around and turned his back to the incense. This woman is really shy. When the girl is ready,stainless steel tile trim, you will. When he finished speaking, he felt a heavy blow in the back of his head, and then he lost consciousness.

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