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The City in Desire

Private Asheville
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"Haha," Yang Wei looked at me and finally showed a surprised expression on her face and laughed. She laughed so unscrupulously and proudly, and then showed a playful look in her eyes: "Dear, of course, it won't be so fast, but he will reveal the wind first, and then hold a grand engagement ceremony for us to let the whole world know that our Wangs have dug up the top level of yuanda. Only in this way can Chen yuan be hit harder, such a move, no less than a big mouth in Chen yuan's face! And after that.. And then you became a member of the Wang family. She looked at me and winked at me. Impossible! I suddenly moved in my heart and remembered one thing: "Where is Wang Hao?"! Wang Hao knows me! He knows everything about me! The more I thought about it, the more wrong I was. I frowned and said, "And even if Wang Ting is willing to trust me, he will investigate my background very clearly in advance. He is not as easy to deal with as those reporters. He must be much more thorough!" Yang Wei eyes flashing, stretched out a little finger, hooked my chin, greasy voice way: "Dear, you are still a little stupid ah, this matter, you can turn it into your chips ah.". Think about it for yourself. "Chips?" I frowned and turned my head away from her fingers. The telephone in the room rang suddenly. Yang Wei stood up and picked up the phone. Hello Yeah, yeah, okay. Yang Wei put down the phone, turned to me and said calmly, "My dear father wants to see you now. He is waiting for you in the coffee shop on the third floor." I immediately stood up and adjusted my clothes. Chen Yang.. Yang Wei stopped me when I went out, and then smiled at me: "behave well." ` When I walked into the cafe, I saw Wang Ting sitting there in the distance,Fiberglass tape measure, holding a newspaper in his hand and reading it carefully. His dress was casual and casual, and his eyes were obviously thinking about something when he looked at the newspaper. Mr. Wang. I called out to him in a low voice. Wang Ting looked up at me and nodded. "Sit down." As soon as I sat down, Wang Ting handed me the newspaper in his hand and said with a smile, "How is it?"? How does it feel to be a celebrity? I glanced at the huge headline in the newspaper and the photo below of me being splashed with wine. "Frankly, it's not good at all," I said with a wry smile. Wang Ting leaned back in his chair and looked at the ceiling. Suddenly he said with a smile, "Chen Yang, what do you think I should do with you?" My heart a tight, thought: to come! I put on a calm look on my face. "To tell you the truth, I've been thinking about this all night. Do you want to hear my conclusion?" "Oh?" Wang Ting looked at me and smiled. His eyes fell on my face, as if he was going to see through me. "Tell me about it." To be honest, Wang Ting's eyes made me uncomfortable. They looked calm, but they made me feel an invisible pressure. This feeling is different from Chen yuan's vision. Chen yuan's vision is a kind of sharp, Fish measuring board ,tape measure clip, sharp-edged vision, giving people a shock. Wang Ting's eyes seemed harmless, but they made me feel that there was a needle hidden in the cotton, as if I could see through my mind at any time. Old Ya is very good!  But that's the crux of the plan-a minor player making waves! Wang Ting pointed to the newspaper and said with a slight smile,Adhesive fish ruler, "All I know about you now is only the investigation of these reporters in the newspaper, and.." He seemed to consider his choice of words, and there was a trace of hatred in his eyes: "And.." You slept with my daughter! 。

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