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The Great God has been disconnected (end + extra chapter)

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 After all, Tang Qian was a formal player at the beginning, and they had almost no contact with Li Chen. After that, the contact was nothing more than when I came to take the training camp. At that time, the reason for Tang Qian's idea of leading the training camp was naturally because Tang Qian had a different understanding of the tactics and the rational use of human skills, including the shining points of each player. So let Tang Qian to bring, for their training camp players really better than others, can have a more reasonable arrangement. Only later, with the retirement of Wenqin,push back racking system, the structure tower of the blade of the dead collapsed, and everyone forgot about it. No one expects a person to be able to change a team in a few months, so no one has thought about it. Even Li Chen, for the original Tang Shallow to give advice and proposals is just as ordinary advice. Now Wen Qin suddenly opened his mouth to say why the present camp collocation mode, or Tang Qian put forward at the beginning, inevitably not surprised. Wen Qin sighed,cantilever racking system, and then "tut" twice. How to say Tang Qian is like a monster. Wei Sa was the grand finale, and when he heard Wen Qin say so, he laughed. We'll know when we're done. Wen Qin doesn't care. Wen Qin doesn't care, ghosts don't care. But a lot of things are different. Losing to Tang Qian for two years, Wen Qin must be unwilling. But a lot of things can not be solved by being unwilling. Wen Qin bit the lollipop, and then his cell phone rang. After taking out his cell phone and looking at it, Wen Qin saw Su Duxiu's message, "Are you nervous?" “?????” Wen Qin is simply baffling. I saw you with a lollipop. Su Duxiu's message came back quickly. Wen Qin turned his head and looked around, then saw Su Duxiu in the distance, wearing a white shirt, industrial racking systems ,shuttle rack system, really raised his hand and waved. ……” It's really silly. Wen Qin smiled. You have good eyesight. Wen Qin went back to the past. Of course, Hawkeye. Su Duxiu blinked. The person who could regard Tang Qian as an ornament in the original game. What qualifications do you have to say Hawkeye?  Wen Qin thought about it and then felt a little bored. Forget it, I'm not her guardian. After thinking so, Wen Qin looked back to one side, and then saw Su Duxiu, wearing a white shirt,heavy duty rack manufacturers, raise his hand and wave again. Why did you run here first? Aren't you afraid Liu Jianshi will tear you up? "I'm not playing today." Su Duxiu's hand speed returned very quickly. "Before the game, we have to start adjusting and taking turns to rest." Oh. Wen Qin opened the points ranking and looked at it, and then he understood it. Then Liu Jian didn't let you stay at the scene of the dawn and allowed you to run over? 。

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