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Willow setting sun blood axe

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 The strong wind was blowing in the hall. The stone chips were flying and the powder was drifting away. The loud noise of "boom" and "boom" was shaking endlessly. The black stone gate had been split open in an instant. Meng Zha waited for Han Shan to catch his breath a little, then he picked it up and struck the stone gate with all his strength. As before, after a dozen palms,stainless tile trim, he grinned and shook his hands with pain. Han Shan chuckled, half squatting, his right hand slowly pushed out, as if pushing against the invisible force of ten thousand jins, the muscles on his face tightened, sweat flowed along his eyebrows, slowly, his palm was getting closer and closer to the stone gate,stainless steel edge trim, and the heavy black stone gate made a trembling sound of "squeak" and "squeak". As if pushed and propped up by an invisible God of power! With his eyes wide open, he opened his mouth wide, and involuntarily followed him in his heart, suddenly. Han Shan shouted violently, like Jiao Lei, his left palm was like a flying hammer from eight or nine away, so fierce and powerful that it hit the stone gate! There was a harsh vibration in the broad stone gate. Hanshan exhaled again, followed by sixteen palms like lightning and thunder. Sweat splashed in. He exhaled again, followed by twenty-three more fierce palms. The stone gate shook and groaned. Hanshan's heavy palms and phalanges were stained with blood, so dazzling on the black stone gate. Meng Zha's heart seemed to be gripped by a hand of nothing, and he was tongue-tied: "Stop!"! Stop it, you're crazy, brother Han, you.. You're crazy. Han Shan shook his head again, sweat was sprinkled all over the ground, stainless steel edging strip ,tile profile factory, he roared like a dry thunder, his whole face was red as fire, his two palms twisted each other, and then separated, after crossing two short half-arcs, the thunderclap shook on the unstable stone gate, the collapse of "clatter" seemed to break the earth, and the whole heavy stone gate broke apart in an instant. Completely collapsed in the flying rubble! Without the slightest stagnation, the cold mountain heavy low way: "Follow me!" The word "come" was still rolling on the tip of his tongue, and his figure had shot into the broken arch. Meng Zha did not care to block the flying stone chips, covered his head with his arms, and quickly jumped in after the heavy body of the cold mountain.  On a wide armchair with sixteen flying snakes with horns carved from sixteen different colors of jade, a rectangular pure gold coffin was placed smoothly. The coffin was covered with precious stones and diamonds that formed various patterns, shining and dazzling! The four maids half knelt on the side of the coffin, bowed their heads and looked down, as if they were very sad. Their fingers were covered with bright grease, their nails were very sharp and long, and each of them had a cushion on their heads. On the cushion, each of them was neatly arranged with five sparkling diamonds the size of duck eggs. In each huge diamond, a vermilion heart-shaped object was naturally embedded. It is a natural growth in the inside, as long as one is hard to find,tile trim factory, and this old south king, unexpectedly has more than 20, but also accompanied by his silence here forever.

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Bed Rooms


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Listed On: 24 Aug 2022

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    Ad posted on 7 months ago

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