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Protect yourself against Internet fraud!

We monitor PCS Time for suspicious activities but some scams and unverified items may get posted.  

You can help by reporting and/or Flagging the scam. Notify us, and we will review the action to block or remove the user. 

You can also contact the Internet Fraud Complaint, website, phone.

The vast majority of ads are posted by honest and trustworthy people. So you can engage in confidence with other users. Despite this, it is important to follow a few common-sense rules to prevent any attempt to scam.

Some Advice

  • Do business with people you can meet in person.
  • If you do not know the person, never send money by Western Union, MoneyGram or other anonymous payment systems.
  • Never send products abroad without having all contact information and verification of the user.
  • Do not accept checks.
  • Ask about the person you're dealing with, by using another confirming source, ie., name, telephone number, email, address, social media account, or other verified and trusted users. 
  • Keep copies of all correspondence (emails, ads, letters, etc.) and details of the person.
  • If a deal seems too good to be true, there is every chance that this is the case. Refrain, Question, and Verify. 

Recognize attempted scam

  • The majority of scams have one or more of these characteristics:
  • The person is abroad or traveling abroad.
  • The person refuses to meet you in person.
  • Payment is made through Western Union, Money Gram, or check.
  • The messages are in broken language (English or French or ...).
  • The texts seem to be copied and pasted.
  • The deal seems to be too good to be true.