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A lone sword

Private Astoria
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When Chen Yangbai sat down, his eyes darkened and he almost passed out. Although he did not lose consciousness, his limbs and bones had no strength. It was not until the sound of opening the door that he had a little strength. He rolled his eyes and saw Zhu Yitao stretching his limbs and still hanging on the wall. The two men came in to have a look. They had come in three times, and this time, four times in all. This meant that they had been patrolling for four hours since the lighting of the lamp, and it was already dawn. This time they were very tired and sleepy. They came in and only looked at it briefly. Then they turned around and went out one after another and closed the door. After Zhu Yitao waited for them to go out, his hands were free again and he crouched down. Chen Yibai did not pay attention to him until he recovered a little more. Suddenly, he noticed something different. He looked at him in a twinkling of an eye, but saw that Zhu Yitao was leaning against the corner of the wall, with his hands around his knees, as if he had fallen asleep without sawing the shackles on his feet. "It would be unbelievable if he sawed the chains of his hands just to get down and sleep," he thought. But whether he believes it or not, Zhu Yitao is clearly asleep and breathing evenly. Chen Yangbai considered for a while, and finally did not make a sound. Trying to stay awake, he waited until it was almost an hour before he called out, "Brother Zhu, Brother Zhu, it's time!" Zhu Yitao immediately stood up and reacted as if he had not fallen asleep at all. He raised his hands to make it appear that he was still chained, but at his feet there was only a wider iron ring, which had been separated from the chain hanging from the wall. Before long, the door made a sound of being pushed open. Although Chen Yangbai was extremely tired and weak,jacuzzi manufacturers, he still glanced at the door. At this glance, he suddenly perked up a lot. But see the opening of the gate, standing in white to drag the ground of the girl figure, but not like often, there are two big men. The light on the other side of the doorway was dim, so Chen Yangbai could only see a woman dressed in snow-white clothes, but could not see her face clearly. The girl in white stood quietly for a while before saying, "Yes,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, that's him." A grim voice rose behind her and said, "Now that the girl has seen it, she must be relieved." "That's not true," said the girl in white. "This man is resourceful and full of tricks. No one can guarantee that he won't escape." The man in the back gave a harsh laugh and said, "Don't worry, girl. It's still a mere responsibility now. After the handover, I won't care about it." The girl in white snorted and asked, "Who is the other man?" The cold voice added, "He's not a Jianghu man. If the girl thinks something is wrong, she'll send someone to escort him to another place right away." "It doesn't matter," said the girl in white. "I just don't know why this man has been confined here." "To tell you the truth," said the man, "there are more than ten cells in our village, but this is the safest place." He paused for a moment and then added, Chinese spa manufacturer ,4 person jacuzzi, "There is only one cell in this stone prison. Zhu Yitao said,outdoor endless pool, "I have enemies all over the world, and almost all of them are the most powerful people. If I had to wait until everything happened before I knew it, I would not be in this world long ago." "But now.." said Chen Yangbai. 。

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