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Chinese Heroes of Online Games

Private Asheville
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Why did you do that? "Because of money, yes, because of money!" There was a long silence before he uttered this sentence. Money? Can money really buy a nation's self-respect? I'm a little angry. No, but money can save a life! "What's the matter?" "Just speaking is my wife, her two kidneys are broken, only to change the kidney to save her life, but I am just an ordinary worker, how can I afford the huge cost of surgery and the cost of buying a kidney source, when Adams found me and asked me to join their secret organization, my job is to transport virtual goods to the United States." Give me a reward of four hundred thousand yuan after success. I don't care about anything for my wife. That's the way it is. You can do whatever you want. "Who is Adams?" "I don't know. I've never met him. He gave me the task over the phone." "So how did you ship the equipment to the United States?" "Choose the split tiger roaring gun as a rebirth item, and then delete the number. They arranged for me to go to the United States in reality, where I rebuilt my account and traded the split tiger roaring gun to the other party.". That's it. "Well, do you know how many cases like yours there are in that mysterious organization?" "It's all people like this!"! Who would want to do this if it wasn't for the lack of money? After all, we are all Chinese. All I got from this trip was a heavy heart. Cao Longshan was supposed to be a traitor, but there was an ordinary and touching story behind him. Is it wrong for him to sacrifice fame and fortune for the life of his lover? It's not his fault. I guess I would have made the same choice. Adams, the mystery organization,warehousing storage solutions, has two more mysteries waiting for me to solve. Another month has passed in the twinkling of an eye. I took Ruowen and the three of them to practice together, and now my level has reached 46. With me as a free and efficient laborer, Ruowen and the three of them are all close to level 35. The relationship between the three girls is getting better and better. Always unite to suppress me, others forget, even Ruowen is elbow out, sometimes let me do not understand who is the third wheel in the end. Now the situation is like this, there are about ten gangs in the mainland of China,push back racking system, except for the Hualong Gang established by the neutral Hualong Group, the rest have joined the anti-dragon alliance. The earliest gang called the Anti-Dragon Alliance has been formally transformed into the East China Sea Gang, and Guo Heng has been elected as the leader of the Anti-Dragon Alliance. Now the situation in China is that the Dragon and Tiger Alliance and the Anti-Dragon Alliance are competing for hegemony. There has been no big move between the two sides, but the small friction has never been broken. During this period, there was another incident in which Yang's Group, a member of the Anti-Dragon Alliance, bullied a single player by relying on a large number of people. As a result, I killed their gang leader Xiaohe Flowing Water ten times under the protection of thousands of gang members. This time, I learned to kill him twice a day, and no one else did. So my PK value can be washed away, and there has been no red name. As a result of this incident, heavy duty metal racks ,industrial racking systems, Xiaohe Liushui was dismissed from the position of gang leader. Wind of rest, if you want to protect your shortcomings, I have nothing to say. Because I'm just an ordinary player, and I have nothing to rely on except you, God. But after all,mobile racking systems, it involves the people of your Dragon League. To be honest, I hesitated for a long time before I sent you a complaint message. Finally, I chose to believe that you could deal with it fairly before I came to you. 。

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