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Mad God by Tang Jiasanshao [End]

Private Astoria
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Yin said to Jin, "I like the surname of the fourth brother. I know I'm wrong. I'll soon be able to accept other people's opinions. I'll be a great success in the future." "Yes," said Jin, "and his kung fu has improved very quickly. Since we left the temple with him, we've been in a lot of trouble. Will face the counterattack of the Demons, I feel my blood is boiling, it seems that we chose to leave the cloud with him, is the right. The wonderful and exciting life makes me feel very comfortable. Five days later, our spies found a large number of Demon troops approaching us. My father, Pan Zong, Jin Yin and I stood on the wall and stared at the approaching dust and smoke in the distance. Mengke asked me to send me back to the orc country to meet them. Gold and silver have the best eyesight. "There are about 200,000 people," said Jin. "The Demons have really invested a lot of money." "Messenger," I shouted, "order all the soldiers to stand by and enter the highest combat readiness." The father said in a deep voice, "Don't worry too much. They are still some distance away from here. When they arrive, they won't attack immediately.". Two hundred thousand troops is not a lot, Lei Xiang, you see, in front of the dust and smoke scattered must be the Demon Warcraft troops,Teardrop Pallet Racking, although the attack is strong but not easy to command, behind is the Demon regular army. I don't know if there's an army of dark mages coming, but if there is, it's not easy to deal with. Sure enough, as my father said, the Demon army was stationed about twenty miles away from us to build fortifications. I know that their vigilance is very high now, and it is not a good time for a sneak attack. Pan Zong suddenly laughed and said,cantilever racking system, "How about giving them some gifts?" "What kind of gift?" I asked. Pan Zong smiled mysteriously and said to Jin Yin, "You two help me." Gold and silver were stunned at first, but they immediately understood the intention of Pan Zong. They stood behind Pan Zong, and the golden and silver light soared and flowed into Pan Zong's body. Pan Zong took out the blue diamond I gave him from his bosom, clasped his hands in front of his chest, and the other eight heads shrank back, leaving only the yellow snake head, which symbolized the magic of the earth system. Is he going to attack with magic? It seems that Brother Pan Zong likes to use earth magic best. The father's eyes lit up and he warned, "Hit the left side of their troops. It looks like the camp of the dark magician." We all know that if the dark magician joins the battle, our side will lose a lot. After all, only the Beamon's magic immunity can fully combat dark magic, while other arms have some resistance, but it is difficult to guarantee that they will not be harmed. The yellow snakehead of Panzong is covered with a layer of sacred brilliance: "The mountains in the distance, the land in the distance, asrs warehouse ,warehouse storage racks, you have been sleeping there for thousands of years.As soon as the two sides came into contact, the so-called regular army of the Demons was immediately killed by us, and there was no resistance. Because of the smooth attack,heavy duty cantilever racks, I was a little too excited and led the four legions forward bravely, until we reached half of their solid camp, we met with real resistance.

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