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Tang Jiasanshao-Good Death

Private Astoria
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Prequel Chapter 4 Pirate Attack (Part 1) Dumb scratched his head. The word pirate was not deeply impressed in his mind. When he met something he didn't understand, he decided to go back to his room and ask Goris for advice. For him, the world is so novel that he wants to know everything he meets, even if he can't remember it. Teacher, teacher, there is a big ship outside, and there are many people calling pirates and pirates. What do you mean by pirate? Running back to the room, Dumb asked excitedly before he could stand still. Startled, Goris sat up in bed and said, What did you say? The pirates are coming. "It's a big black ship," said Dumb. "Their sails are painted with skulls. I don't know if someone on our ship called it a pirate. Goris frowned. Although he was not afraid of pirates, he did not want to confront them when he was not feeling well. I hope the sailors on the passenger ship can handle it. Dumb asked: "Teacher, what is the meaning of pirates?" "Pirates are people who rob things," Goris said subconsciously. "They sometimes kill people." After listening to Goris's explanation, Dumb breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "Then I'm not afraid. I have nothing to let them rob.". Ah! Teacher, you have to be careful, oh, your gold coins and purple coins, I am afraid they will rob, or hide it first. Where can I hide it? As he spoke, Dumb looked around for a hiding place in the cabin. After listening to Dumb's silly words, an inexplicable warm current rose in Goris's heart. Was he concerned about me? Goris thought to himself. It's been a long time since I felt cared for. Goris shook his head irritably, grabbed Dumb and threw him on the bed. "Be quiet." Dumb did not understand why the teacher would be angry, Leng Leng sat on the bed and did not dare to speak. Ding, ding,warehouse pallet racks, ding, the sound kept coming, and the ship shook violently. Goris, who was standing, quickly held the wall beside him before he stood firm. He knew that he was afraid that the pirates had really come to rob him. The sound just now was made by scratching the hook and grabbing the hull. The noise kept coming from the outside, and Goris became more irritable. The shaking just now made him feel more nauseous. The acid in his stomach kept rushing up, and the feeling of seasickness was too uncomfortable. Listen to the people on the ship. We are pirates. Hurry up and hand over all your valuables. Otherwise, don't blame the weapons in our hands for drinking blood. Rough shouts came from outside, indicating that the pirates had begun to move. Goris knew that the pirates were not so easy to talk to, even if the money was handed over, the other party would not necessarily spare the lives on board. After all, every pirate wants to be encircled by the fleet of the Tianjin Empire, and the best way to keep a secret is to turn all the people who have seen them into corpses. The sinking of the ship is their usual practice, which saves trouble and time. Goris thought to himself, drive in racking system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, "It seems that I can't do it without a shot. It's impossible for me to swim.". Pushing open the barn door, Goris went out. immediately will be a punch and kick, for a time,shuttle rack system, people panic, some passengers have taken the initiative to take out the property to the pirates, in order to protect the security of the moment. Goris knew that it was time for him to take action. The pirates were not in his eyes. What he feared most was that the other side would sink the ship. The amplification magic of the wind system spread his voice far away. "Stop it all." The deep sound could be heard clearly by all the people on the pirate ship and the passenger ship.

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