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Be a Big Brother in the Metaphysical World

Private Astoria
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Again. Oh, you said I picked it up? OK! I'm standing here, and you can apply to challenge me if you have the ability! Go directly if you have the ability, and don't BB if you don't have the ability. Well, I forgot to tell you. Apply for the challenge, if you lose, you can't go to the qualifying competition again. Lu Yao raised his eyebrows, and the alumnus could say that he understood his implication very well. Even if you want to challenge him, you should come to these disorderly people, not Song Ci. Challenge him, but pay the price! I don't like Liang Haodong for a long time. I don't know why so many fans say how good he is. There is nothing gentle and gentle. *** me, I only see him pretending every day. I'm really tired of him. There is nothing wrong with the translation on the 7th floor. My little brother Lu Yao is so strong. Ha ha, inexplicably feel good with feeling, more powder, how to do! "I don't know what you're doing at high tide.". Do you have any sense of school honor. For so many years, every time Xuanmen had a big competition, we were beaten by Tianxuan. It is not easy to produce a Liang Haodong this time. Everyone is waiting for Liang Haodong to fight for the first three to come back and feel proud and elated. As a result,Ozone generator ceramic plate, Liang Haodong was beaten down. Have you ever thought about what our school will do when Xuanmen is competing? "Shit, now is to see that the injury has not healed, it is not feasible to come to the school's sense of honor this set?"? This hat is too big. I dare not wear it. In other words, the person who said this is not stupid, the brain is not afraid of a pit. Is Liang Haodong the only one in the whole Tianshu? Where do you put Lin Jiayi's Song Ci? And Lu Yao can beat Liang Haodong, doesn't it mean that he is more hopeful than Liang Haodong to advance to the top three? “…… Suddenly I feel that what I said upstairs is reasonable. So,Ceramic Band Heater, can we expect Lu Yao to ascend the throne of the Great Tianshu in Xuanmen? I'm so excited! Looking at the comments, Zhang Lei poked Lu Yao, "Why don't I build a fan support group for you?" Song Ci raised his hand, "I apply to be the deputy head of the regiment!" Song Shi, who raised his hand at the same time as her, but spoke a step too late:. "Then I'll apply for a director!" Zhang Lei readily agreed. Lu Yao:.. Should you ask me what I mean? Zhang Lei shook off his hand. "It's not necessary. Just be your big brother." Lu Yao:.. Lu Yao laughed, hooked his finger at Zhang Lei, and said a few words to his ear. Zhang Lei's eyes brightened a little bit and he patted his thigh, "good!"! This kind of thing suits me. Boss, you can rest assured that the task will be completed! Two days later. Tianshu College. You know what? Liang Haodong wanted to attack Lu Yao that day, but what Lu Yao counterattacked was not the second weapon, but the corpse bone nail, alumina c799 ,7g Ozone Generator, or the corpse bone nail full of corpse poison and evil spirit. It's fatal.  At the beginning,ceramic bobbin element, Qin Xuan was talked about in Kyoto, and now he has come to Yuzhou City to harm our Liang family like this. If Lu Yao doesn't die, it's hard to get rid of my hatred. 。

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