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The swordsman

Private Asheville
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Yan Ling's heart jumped. Not many people knew his surname was Yan. Now he was sure that it must be Xie Yunru who was looking for him. He nodded: "Yes, Yan Ling, the girl is.." "Please come with me, Master Yan," said the girl. With that, she turned and walked away. Yan Ling stepped up and said, "The girl is.." The girl glanced at him and said, "I'm from Miss Xie. You can rest assured." Yan Ling was really relieved and ran behind the girl without saying a word. The girl walked quite fast, out of the gate of the courtyard, through a long and narrow walkway, and through another courtyard. The courtyard was smaller than the one just now, but it was also very elegant. There were only two rooms in the north of the courtyard. The doors were open and quiet. But as soon as the two men approached, a voice came from the room to the east. Xie Yunru said, "Xiangjun, have the guests come yet?" Xie Yunru's voice belongs to Xie Yunru's voice, but the voice is weak and weak. Yan Ling was stunned. "Miss, what's wrong with Miss Xie?" She asked. "The girl who called Xiangjun said hurriedly," The girl is ill. Yan Ling was in a hurry. She dodged and rushed over, pushed open the door and rushed in. The room was bright and dark. Outside was a small living room. There was a door inside with a curtain hanging down. That must be the bedroom. Yan Lingsan didn't care. As soon as she arrived, she lifted the curtain and went in. Yes, it's Xie Yunru's bedroom. It's a little smaller, but it doesn't need to be big. It smells like medicine, but it can't hide the delicate fragrance. Xie Yunru was on the bed, half lying and half sitting against the quilt. He didn't see how haggard he was, but his dimples were red and he looked a little sick. She first gave Yan Ling a supercilious look: "I knew you would be so bold." When she had said this, Yan Ling had reached the bed and put her hand on her forehead. It was so hot that she obviously had a fever. Yunru, what's the matter with you? Yan Ling asked urgently. "I'm not in the way," said Xie Yunru. "Don't worry about me. I have something important to tell you. Sit down." When Xiangjun came in, Xie Yunru said, "Xiangjun,outdoor whirlpool, bring a chair for Master Yan." Xiangjun turned and went out to move the chair. "Let's not talk about anything else," said Yan Ling. "Let me look at your illness." He reached out to hold Xie Yunru's wrist pulse. Xie Yunru said, "I'm really not in the way. I just caught a little cold.." Yan Ling didn't let go. "Don't move," she said. "We'll talk about the big thing later." Xie Yunru did not earn again, but said: "Someone wants to take advantage of this opportunity today to catch all the opponents." Yan Ling's expression shook, but she didn't say anything. "Did you hear that?" Asked Xie Yunru. Yan Ling withdrew her hand and said, "Yes, it's really a little cold. Just take some medicine and sweat it out." "Can you see a doctor, Master Yan?" Xiangjun asked. Yan Ling nodded, "I know more or less." To Xie Yunru cast an inquiry. Xie Yunru was as clever as ice and snow. "Xiangjun is one of us," he said. "Otherwise, how could I let her know your true identity?"? What I just told you. "Who told you that?" Asked Yan Ling. "Where did you hear that?" "It's not clear where the news came from, brothers," said Xie Yunru. "Then who told you, brothers?" Asked Yan Ling. Xie Yunru said, endless swim pool ,jacuzzi swim spa, "The brothers don't know the man who said this, and they don't know where he came from. "Master Yan," said Xiangjun, "the maidservant thinks that if they go on like this, there will be only one result, that is,China spa factory, in the end, one person will control the general situation.." Yan Ling nodded and said, "That's true." 。

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